Saturday, 19 November 2011

Romantic Gateway JAMAICA

JAMAICA is a very popular destination for having the most Romantic Gateway.  As the   third largest island in the Caribbean, it is a cultural and historical paradise of the region.  It is also the capital of the Caribbean islands and one of the largest cities. 

This tropical paradise brings out the real spice in your romance with some of the most exotic locations that are on offering.  The beauty of the wide beaches, a number of mountain hideaways, and some stunning tropical forests and above it the reggae rhythms which make you sway to their tunes.

The Caribbean dishes make it the topping of your cake with the local flavors and spices.

Go on a hiking adventure among the forest route, or explore the rugged terrains on a horseback, or watch the fabulous waterfalls that are ever-present to refresh your mind and body, Jamaica has it all, and a little more.  And of course, if you get tired of all these, there are the lovely beachside resorts in Jamaica for you to share that intimate time with each other. 

Some of the main attractions in Jamaica include the Dunn’s River falls, which is a 600-foot waterfall which can be climbed by a natural ‘staircase’, which is at times risky but worth it.  A perfect destination for some photo memories.  Dunn’s river falls can be an ideal location for that lazy sun-bathing you can prefer to have.  This fall regenerates itself from the travertine rocks.

Another natural wonder along the coast is Luminous Lagoon (Glistening waters), a truly romantic destination.  Here you can see a wonder you have never seen before.  After sunset visit the town of Falmouth where boat rides are available to take you to the bay where you will see the sea shimmering in florescent white and blue lights.  These are due to a micro-organism called dinoflagellates which strive where salt and fresh water combines.  Take a dip in these waters as you are covered with these magical lights.  The duration of this boat ride is 45 minutes.

7-mile beach in Negril is another ideal location for a Romantic excursion.  This location will definitely recharge your relations.  This is a must-see destination of Jamaica.  Lined with towering cliffs and ever busy crowds, this is a very popular destination for all tourists.  Negril has a picturesque coast and sandy beach which has a number of 5-star resorts you can enjoy staying in.

Along with these, there are a number of tourist destinations in Jamaica that are worth visiting.

·        Falmouth  This is fast becoming the most popular tourist resort in Jamaica.  It was given the status of a resort in 2005 and has a number of heritage sites.
·        Montego Bay is by far the main Jamaican tourist destination.  One can enjoy a lot of beach activities at Montego Bay.  Snorkeling in the blue emerald clear sparkling waters are really a unique experience.  Play with some big size fishes as they caress your skin.  Also available are the river rafting activities.
·        Another tourist spot is the treasure beach with its scenic beauty and rugged mountainside.  It has a while sandy beach which attracts a lot of visitors who are spell-bound by its natural beauty.
·        Marthe Brae offers you an ideal location to get a sunbath as well as for a trip along the Marthe Brae River on a ‘Bamboo raft’.  This is a 20-mile long experience for the wild at heart.
·        If you like nature, Coho Rios is the ideal place for you. A beautiful place with waterfalls, rivers and beaches to enjoy a number of activities.  A popular destination for the tourists.
·        Port Antonio, the playground of the rich and famous is a place, is a beautiful destination with its stunning landscapes and beaches. 
·        If you enjoy shopping, Jamaica has its own ‘Hip Strip’ at Montego Bay where you will find a number of shops, restaurants and clubs.  Just enjoy shopping for various mementos and articrafts.  The Jamaican coffee should be a must in your shopping list.  This world famous coffee is made from fresh coffee beans from the various coffee crops along the Jamaican region. 
·        Dine in any of the restaurants for an authentic Jamaican cuisine which lingers on your tongue for quite a while. 
·        The night life of Jamaica too is very lively with the local reggae rhythms making it all the more romantic.

Along with these, there are a number of other tourist destinations which make Jamaica one of the most sought-after tourist spot.  It could just be the romantic gateway you could be looking for.

Planning a wedding in Jamaica can also be arranged at the various resorts and churches and travel agencies are eager to include an all inclusive package for a memorable wedding and honeymoon in Jamaica.

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Romantic Gateway CROATIA

Located near the European countries of Italy, Hungary, Slovenia and Herzegovina is a gem of a country called CROATIA, with some really magnificent hidden treasures.  This small country is fast becoming one of the most popular tourist destinations of the world as more and more tourists throng this country each other.

Some stunning sights, a number of islands and fantastic beaches make this country a must-see destination as well as a perfect gateway for that romantic outing you want to enjoy with your loved one.

The main towns of Croatia include Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, along with Dubrovnik and Split.  These are fast gaining importance as tourist destinations due to their unique qualities.

This is the economic and cultural heart of the country.  If you and your partner are interested in Archeological and historical findings, this is the best place to be visiting.  There are a number of monuments which date back to 1794 and even before that.  Some of the main attractions in the city of Zagreb are –
·        Gradec & Kaptol in Gornji Grad dating back to the middle ages.
·        St.Mark’s church and St. Catherine’s church.
·        Dolac – Open air market.
·        Glavni Kolodvor – Railway station of Zagreb.
·        Croatian National Theatre and Academy of Arts and Sciences.
·        Museum of Arts and Crafts.
·        Mimara Museum of Paintings, sculptures and ceramics.

Another main attraction of Zagreb is Maksimir, a planned park with stunning landscapes.  This park has a number of small lakes, pavilions, and even sculptures of the 18th century.  This is the ideal place for a romantic walk through its botanical gardens. 

This is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and another reason to visit Croatia.  It is considered to be the jewel of Croatia and is known as ‘The Jewel of the Adriatics’.  This town has been preserved in its past form with Terra cotta roofed houses and small churches.  It is as it you are taking a walk through a medieval past period.  The 2 km long city walls make the perfect elevated platform to observe the treasures that Dubrovnik has to offer along with its fortress and towers with small painted buildings peeking out through dense undergrowth of trees. 

The popular archeological and historical monuments of Dubrovnik include –
·        Rector’s Palace dating back to the 16th century.
·        The Franciscan Monastery which is Europe’s oldest pharmacy.
·        The Cathedral, the Jesuit church and St.Blaise’s church.
·        Maritime Museum of navy.

Every year, in the months of summer around mid-July, the famous Dubrovnik Summer Festival is organized which portrays a number of cultural activities including classical, jazz music and theater performances.

Just roam through this medieval city with your sweetheart and experience a thrill of walking back through the past years of history.

Another UNESCO World Heritage Site of Croatia.  This beautiful city was founded around 3rd Century BC by Emperor Diocletian.  The main attractions of this city are –
·        The Roman Peristil along with its Roman Bell Tower which dates back to 13th century.
·        Museum of Croatian Archeological Monuments
·        Mestrovic Gallery.
·        The Marjan, a spot high above the city where you can get some stunning views of the Adriatic.
·        Summer Festival of Split.

If you are tired of seeing all these Archeological and historical destinations in Croatia, then there are still a lot of other activities to indulge in for the perfect Romantic Gateway.

Romantic Schedule for Croatia:
·        The Beaches and islands of Croatia welcomes you to a vast shoreline which is nothing but magnificent.  Just laze out and enjoy the sunshine on the pebbled beaches with their emerald-blue water.  These are truly great destinations if you want to enjoy a bit of privacy and silent atmosphere.  Enjoy the seafood which has an Italian flavor to it or go on a fishing expedition to catch some really big fishes hiring a boat.
·        Private cruises are available if you two want to have a ball at sea.  Get some ice-cold beer and look at the coastal splendor of Croatia as it passes by you.
·        Hire a car and drive through the small towns and villages along the coastline with their unique culture.
·        If you are into sports, Croatia offers some very good opportunities for mountain sports and skiing in winter at the town of Bjelolusica.
·        Go for a romantic outing to Krk Island, Croatia’s largest island.  Indulge in various water sports or just relax for an evening at one of the many resorts and hotels available at Krk.
·        Pag Island is another island with its uniqueness in hand embroidery and of course the taste cheese of Pag.

Plitvice Lake National Park :-
A visit to Croatia cannot be finished without a visit to one of the most beautiful National Parks of Europe, if not of the world.  The Plitvice Lakes National Parks consists of 16 lakes which are linked together by natural dams.  This place has a dense undergrowth of forests and a number of water falls.  This gives it a unique colorful combination of green and blue.  The park, opened in 1949 and again in 1979 is UNESCO World Heritage Site No.3 of Croatia.  This site is also named as ‘Disneyland of Natural world’ because of the various natural locations in has.  Once can enjoy activities like Biking, cycling or hiking in this wonderful destination.  Kayaking and canoeing are also available.

If you are visiting Plitvice Lakes National Park, try to stay overnight at the Korana Village which is situated at the entrance of the park.  A truly magnificent and stunning landscape surrounds Korana village with small houses and streams along with a dense cover of forest.  It is the most ideal location for having a dream romantic outing.

Enjoy your Romantic Gateway in Croatia and you will not regret it.

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Romantic Gateway LAS VEGAS

LAS VEGAS……. A Romantic Gateway?  Who would believe you if you say this?

‘The playground of the rich and famous’, where ‘Money flows like water throughout the casinos of Las Vegas’, ‘The city that never sleeps’.  These are the terms that are mostly associated with Las Vegas city.  It is a non-stop destination for fun, food and entertainment. 

But along with these lively attractions, there are a number of other destinations and activities in Las Vegas which can be said to be very romantic for the newly weds or the couples on their romantic outing.

In the city itself there are some very great attractions :
·        The foremost among them may be the Gondola rides in Las Vegas.  If you have not visited the romantic city of Venice, then try to experience what it feels to ride in a Gondola.  In Las Vegas you can enjoy a Gondola ride with your loved one at your side as you go through the artificial waters, along with a singing Gondolier.  This experience may be the most romantic in Las Vegas.
·        If you are into music and dance, Las Vegas is the mother of all entertainment options. As evening falls, Las Vegas is turned into a live entertainment and music hub as each and every hotel lights up to a variety of music and entertainment shows for the customers and visitors.  Just sit back and enjoy the different musical shows or the magic shows or else just go wild in some pub or nightclubs.  Las Vegas has it all. 
·        There are other options to spend the day.  If you like nature and animals, then Eden-in-a-hotel is the perfect place for you.  It has a number of species of flamingoes, penguins, ducks and turtles. Or go to the ‘Eiffel Tower’ in Paris hotel for a stunning view of the city.  The Bellagio conservatory is a beautiful greenhouse conservatory in the middle of the city, which is worth a visit.
·        If you like adventure sports, then indoor skydiving is available in Las Vegas as a sport.  Enjoy as you fly through the wind tunnels at airspeeds of 120 mph.
·        Las Vegas is not complete with mention of its Casinos.  These are the most sought-after places in Las Vegas.  Take a trip once in a lifetime, and experience the wild side of you as you bet your luck at one of the tables.  But remember not to spend over your budget.  After a round or two at the tables, just enjoy the crowd and the activity of this scintillating game. 
·        If you are tired of all these activities, then just laze out at your hotel or go for a dip at the swimming pool or else enjoy the spa facilities available at the nearby hotel.
·        Those interested in Art can visit the unique Pinball Hall of fame Museum and the Neon Museum.

Thus, Las Vegas offers you the best of entertainment, along with some very fine dining options.  It is, in fact a true fantasy land where you can enjoy the Rio Carnival, or go on a trip to outer space, or fly to the ancient Egyptian cities just within a few hours.  For shopping too, Las Vegas offers the best and latest from the world fashion industry. 

These are the various options available in the city of Las Vegas for you to enjoy the perfect Gateway also known as the city of dreams. 

But, along with these, there are a number of travel destinations a few hours drive from this city, which will take you to some remarkably romantic and memorable gateways.

·        The Big Bear Lake – This is the perfect place for a quite and romantic outing.  Stroll through the pine forest, gaze at the silent waters or watch the beautiful snow-capped mountains.  Of course, Big Bear Lake has its cup of activities like skiing, mountain-biking, hiking or fishing.  Take a night skiing trip with your loved one under the lights to make this a memorable evening.  This beautiful spot is just 4 hours away from the jingles of Las Vegas.
·        Red Rock Canyon – If you are both interested in Adventure, then this is the spot for you.  This canyon in the deserts of Las Vegas is worth a visit for a hiking excursion.  Visit the nearby Ghost town or take a helicopter ride over the rough terrains of the  desert.
·        Another spot is the Apple Valley, close to some of the National parks situated near Las Vegas and a cool place to visit for a day off in the tree shades.
·        If you want to enjoy a secluded and quite romantic outing, the perfect gateway is Cedar city, with its old fashioned streets and some great limestone formations.
·        A visit to the Grand Canyon can surely be another option.  Take a helicopter ride or a bus trip or even a mule ride for a change to the Grand Canyon (South Rim) or opt to stay overnight at phantom ranch.

Last, but not the least, is a visit to one of the most exciting and enthralling museums, ‘The Madame Tussauds Wax Museum’ of Las Vegas.

So, the next time you are planning for a Romantic Gateway, try Las Vegas for a change and enjoy a different kind of outing.

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Romantic Gateway - SWITZERLAND

SWITZERLAND……….. The name says it all

One of the most charming and beautiful places on earth.  A dream destination for each and every couple from any country in the world.  The ultimate place to spend your honeymoon. Millions visit this picturistique country throughout the year and absorb the natural beauty of this place.  A place where romance can be experienced at each and every step you take.

When we hear about Switzerland, what we see are snow-capped mountains, magnificent valleys and beautiful lakes.  Switzerland has a lot to offer along with these.  There is the rich culture and heritage, various historical monuments, adventure sports and skiing, shopping along with many other activities.

For a truly romantic Switzerland, try out some of these places:-
Mt. Titlis – This is a beautiful place for gazing at the vast expanse of mountain peaks of Switzerland.  Activities available are horse riding and river rafting along with the main attraction of skiing.

Verbier – This is another romantic destination.  Try out your skiing skills at one of the most breathtaking landscapes in the world.  There are a number of hiking trails at Verbier to explore along with some very famous chalets. 

Zurich – A dream destination for every couple visiting Switzerland.  A photo-perfect countryside, some great hotels and an excellent night-life makes Zurich a must-see city.  Enjoy the surroundings of lakes and rivers which transform you into a world of dreams.

Murren – A place which is 1,000 feet above the famous Lauterbrunnen valley.  Murren offers a majestic view of the Bernese Oberland Mountains.  Take a ride through the cable car and enjoy your honeymoon just looking at the picture that unfolds before you.

Interlaken – Set up on the banks of Breinz and Thun lakes, Interlaken is the perfect Gateway for a cozy and secluded romantic experience.  Take a view of the Alps from Interlaken and you are nothing sort of captivated.

Basel – Located near the river Rhine, this city has a number of museums and zoological garden to visit.  Basel Art Museum or Jean Tinguely museum are its main attractions.  One can also experience the ride in the cruises available in the river Rhine.

Lake Geneva – This is a lake which has gained popularity all throughout the world and has a number of celebrities who have made Lake Geneva their home.  This is the largest body of fresh water in Europe and is visited all the year round by tourists.  Along with Lake Geneva itself, there are various other attractions in and around this region to enjoy the perfectly romantic activities.  Some of these are –
·        Vaud Riviera – Swiss Riviera with a number of cultural activities. It has various museums to visit.
·        Chateau de Chillon – A castle built on a single rock.
·        Montreaux Jazz festival – A famous event in the Geneva area.
·        Gruyere – Take a ride through the famous Swiss Chocolate train.
·        Boat Cruises through the Geneva Lake is a truly romantic experience.

Zermatt – One of the most sought after tourist destination in Switzerland because of its 3089 meter high railway track of Gomergrat.  It also has the village of Klein Matlerhorn, the highest place in Europe to be reached through a cable car.  It has the highest Glacier palace in the world.

Jungfraujoch – Famous for swiss-chocolates, this small village is a perfect gateway for a romantic stay in Switzerland.

Montreaux and Veyes – Take a cruise through the crystal clear water of the lake and enjoy the beautiful surroundings of these places or stay in one of the many resorts available at Montreaux for a feel of the real Switzerland. 

Luzern – Another romantic destination in this fabulous country.  Boat rides area available for the couple as they enjoy some really great surroundings.  The nightlife of Luzern is also lively consisting of various nightclubs and casinos.

Bern – This is a UNESCO world heritage site and offers an array of historical sites to visit.  If you are interested in history and architecture, this is a place to be in.  Along with these, there is the Zentrum Paulklee which is a must for art lovers.

Winterthur – The art museum of Winterthur as well as Technorama and Sal Zerareal are the main attraction in this small town. 

Bellinzona – Another UNESCO World Heritage site to visit while in Switzerland.

Thus, Switzerland has innumerable places of attractions for all kinds of tourists, may it be family vacations or a couple honeymoon tour.

For an ideal
Romantic Route
through this magnificent country, try out the ROMANTIC ROUTE EXPRESS, a bus which takes you through some of the most romantic destinations of Switzerland.
Route – Andermatt * Furkapass * Gletson * Grimselpass * Meirlingen * Grosse Scheidegg * Grindelwald.

Along with these major attractions, there are innumerable other options for that romantic outing in Switzerland.  In fact, the whole of Switzerland is a romantic destination, wherever you visit.

If you are a skiing enthusiastic, then you can enjoy the best skiing sites in Switzerland.  Also try out the various hiking excursions to remote places in Switzerland for a really fascinating and thrilling experience of your life.

So come to Switzerland, to enjoy the ecstasy of heavenly ambience, the shimmer glaciers, the green landscapes, the snow-capped mountains and the food of Switzerland, making it the most romantic gateways of the world.  

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Saturday, 5 November 2011

Romantic Gateway - GOA

Romantic Activities to be enjoyed in Goa :

Lots and lots has been said about this magnificent state in India.  One of the most popular tourist destinations around the globe.  Goa has a lot to offer to each and every tourist, may it be a family, a bachelor or a couple on a honeymoon. 

We shall not go into the details of this state and its tourist attractions as a whole but will try to give some romantic activities that can be enjoyed in this City of beaches. 

·        As Goa is famous for its beaches, enjoy your stay in Goa visiting some of the best that this state has to offer.  Just change into your swimming costume or go bare (not allowed officially, but can be seen on some beaches in Goa) and enjoy the feel of the cool and pristine waters.  After a swim, lay out under your sun umbrella with your partner and watch the various beach activities.  Soaking under the sun, on the magnificent beaches bordered with palm and coconut trees and the white sand underneath you can be the most romantic experience in Goa.  If you desire, you can even have a sip of coconut from the local vendors or even have a body massage ! Popular Beaches – Calangute beach (Bagga) , Colva Beach, Anjuna Beach, Vagatore Beach or Dona Paula Beach.
·        Participate in various beach sports like Volley-ball, hand-ball or other water-sports activities like Paragliding, parasailing, fishing, banana rides, water skiing, diving or Dolphin and Crocodile watch.  Take a day off for enjoying these games which can truly be a great experience.
·        Goa is popular for its vibrant and exciting nightlife.  Enjoy the beach parties that go on after sunset and throughout the night.  Dance with your partner and enjoy the tantalizing local Goan music which is really magical. 
·        Another feature of Goa is the Sunset and night cruise where you can have a ball as you are taken on a 1 hour ride into the sea with Goan troupe performing various dances and you can even join them.  Feel the cool night wind as it caresses your skin and see the dark waters and the moonlight falling on them as you sit on the deck of the boat.
·        If you like enjoy watching historical and architectural sites, Goa has a lot to offer like the churches – Basilica of Bom Jesus which has remains of St. Francis Xavier, Mary Immaculate conception, Reis Magos Church, St. Anne Church and church of St.Augustine.  The hindu temple of Shanta Durga is also another site which has importance in Goan culture. Visit the forts like Fort Aguada, Terekhol Fort or the Cabo De Rama fort which are truly great monuments to visit.
·        Take a day off and visit one of the wildlife Sanctuaries in Goa like Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary, Catigo Wildlife Sanctuary, Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary or the Dr.Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary for a truly ‘wild’ experience as you ride through the dense jungles and watch the different wildlife that Goa has to offer.
·        Another way to really enjoy Romantic Goa is to hire a bike which are available at various shops in Goa and go on an outing, visiting various beaches inside of Goa where you can see the traditional culture and village life of Goa.  Stop at a nearby remote beach you find on the way and enjoy a truly romantic evening watching the sunset in this remote beach all by yourself.
·        Indulge in an array of mouth-watering cuisine that Goa has to offer.  It is a mixture of Indian, Mughal and Portuguese cuisine and mainly consists of fish and rice.  There are also various other recipes which can be tried as you can feel the local spices and condiments that go into it make a lasting impression on your taste buds.  Goa is truly a paradise for fish lovers, but one can also taste various dishes of pork, chicken and vegetarian dishes in Goa.
·        If you enjoy shopping, Goa is a shoppers’ paradise with an assortment of goodies like artifacts, hammocks, spices, brassware, clothes, shells and jewellery articles made from shells or antique furniture.  The weekly markets in Anjuna or Mapusa are a treat to shopping lovers. Try to take a break from your schedule and keep space for this truly exciting shopping frenzy.
·        Enjoy you stay in private Resorts which are available in Goa for a truly romantic experience which offers one of the best activities to make your visit an unforgettable one by  offering 5-star amenities and packages.  Staying at one of these resorts close to the beaches is once-in-a-lifetime experience.  They also arrange for marriages as well as honeymoon packages for you. 
·        If you are planning for a wild Goan experience, try to visit Goa around February or March when the whole of Goa is in a carnival mood.  This Carnival, as the carnival in Brazil, is one of the most exciting festivals of Goa.  This three-day festival is an extravanza of fun, food, singing, dancing and merry-making as tourists from all over the world converge on Goa during these days and take part in various activities along with the locals.  The highlight of this carnival is the king Momo who orders his subjects to enjoy the days of carnival.

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Romantic Gateway - MALDIVES

This tropical paradise, is the most exotic place in Asia and one of the most enchanting places in the world.  Maldives is all that and more.  Visit this place and you will know why it is described as such. 

Set among the blue waters of the Indian ocean, this beautiful island is located South-east of Sri Lanka.  Out of total 1190 small islands only 200 are inhabited by humans.  This island is a mix of live corals and sand bars consisting of 2000 coral reefs alone.  It is an ideal place for one of the most Romantic Gateways that one can find.

Tourism is the main source of income in Maldives and so one can have the best options along with friendly and co-operating locals of the island.  There are various activities that one can enjoy in Maldives, mostly consisting of water sports.  This small tropical paradise also has some historical treasures and monuments which can be unearthed. 

The Beaches – On any tropical island, most of the island activities are seen on its beaches and Maldives is no exception.  It has some really exquisite beaches like Cocoa Island, Nika and Banyan Tree Island which are a photographer’s dream location with its white sandy beaches, clear emerald water and bordered with palm trees. 

The Resorts – Staying in a Resort  on Maldives is an experience one has to cherish with. Out of the 200 islands, 87 of these are now converted into private resorts which cater to each and every need of the tourists.  Situated in waters and on the pristine beaches, these resorts are the ultimate destinations for a Romantic Gateway.  Just gaze out of your cottage room lying on a comfortable bed in each other’s arms and see the splendid view of a sunset, or else just stroll outside your rooms on the virgin beaches absorbing the nature.  These resorts offer a number of facilities from honeymoon packages to renting out different equipments for water sports activity.  Spa Resorts provide you with couple massage packages which can be a rejunivating experience for both of you.  If required, these resorts provide with special marriage arrangements to be made in Maldives.

Water Sports – Being a tropical island, Maldives offers a variety of water sports to its tourists. 
·        Fishing - being the main occupation of the inhabitants of Maldives, it is the main attraction for tourists too.  Enjoy fishing in the deep sea waters.  You can catch fishes of a large variety such as barracudas, rainbow runner, squirrel fish, sword fish and the famous tuna.  Just rent a yatch or a boat and take your fishing rod with you for that romantic trip in deep sea waters of Maldives, either fishing or just laying out on the boat for a sunbath.  Most of the arrangements are made by the Resorts.
·        Snorkeling – Snorkeling is another great attraction in Maldives as you can take a look at the vast underwater marine treasures that this island has to offer.  Maldives in fact, offers the best of marine underwater world with an array of colorful fishes and a variety of oral reefs which attracts tourists from all over the globe.
·        Scuba Diving – It is another sport that can be experienced on your trip to Maldives.  Some of the main sites for diving are Baa Atoll, Lhaviyan Atoll, Raa Atoll and Vaavu Atoll.  These sites are specially selected for their rich flora and a serene atmosphere which are ideal for scuba diving.  All the resorts in Maldives offer scuba diving equipments and conduct tours for these sports to its visitors.  Night Scuba diving is also conducted in Maldives and it can be an exciting experience if you have not done it before.  Just dive in the calm and silent waters on a moonlit night and see the treasures of this beautiful island in the darkness.  It is an experience just out of the dreams.
·        Wind Surfing – This activity is another adventure you can embark upon on this island.  Surfing schools are available in Maldives for the novice.  Some sites are selected for this type of sports activity and surfing on clear emerald blue water and catching strong waves are truly a great moment. 

Along with these main activities there is the submarine diving activity where you can board the submarine which goes down to about 150 meters beneath the water and one can watch the marine treasures of Maldives.  Underwater photography can also be done in these waters and the resorts provide you with the camera and equipments necessary for the same. 

If you both want a break from these water activities, Maldives have a number of historical places to explore such as the National Museum which has belongings of the Sultan of Maldives along with stone carvings and archeological findings in Maldives. The Friday Mosque, Huskuru Miskyii is the biggest in Maldives which can house around 5000 worshippers at a time.  Then there is the Presidential Palace and Mulee Aagee monument to explore.

Tourists enjoy places such as Baa Atoll, Faumulaku and Kudahuvadhoo for their beauty and serenity.  The city of Male in Maldives offers tourists a view of the traditional culture and way of life in Maldives with its busy vegetable markets, fish markets and the firewood markets.  Enjoy the local cuisine of Maldives which consists mainly of fish and fruits mixed with the local spices adding flavor that is totally divine. 

For that ideal Romantic Gateway Maldives, just soak in the sun absorbing the beauty of this place, or take a sip from a drink, lying under a coconut or Palm tree, enjoy the various sports activity or else just stay at one of the exotic resorts of Maldives enjoying the evening sunsets or sitting on one of the large verandas of the Cottage room.  Go for a night stroll on the virgin beaches of Maldives along with your partner and then have a Maldivian dinner which is the icing on top of your most Romantic Gateway that every couple wants on their honeymoon. 

Monday, 31 October 2011

Romantic Gateway - Chicago, USA

Chicago, the city where you can have a romantic outing with your near one, an ideal place for a lot of tourist attractions along with a variety of other activities one can enjoy.  In fact, Chicago is one of the most popular destinations for couples visiting the US of A. 

The first thing when you think of Chicago as your destination is the ‘Magnificent Mile’,  an ideal place to get you into that holiday spirit.  If you love shopping then Magnificent Mile is the best place on earth to be in.  This area comprises of a number of departmental stores, boutiques, restaurants and small galleries.  It is a shopper’s paradise and has been the most sought after tourist destination in Chicago.  Just stroll through the Mile gazing through various galleries and boutiques with their trendy fashion wear or shop for antiques or jewellery shops.  You name the product, the Mile has it for you. 

Along with the Magnificent Mile, there are various other activities in Chicago which one can indulge in for that romantic gateway.  
·        Osaka Garden – This is a garden which signifies the friendly relations between Japan and Chicago.  Nestled at the end of Jackson park, Osaka garden is a Japanese-style garden consisting of various lagoons, beautiful arched pathways, lush green trees and bushes and a serenity to match the surroundings.  Just sit at one of the benches in Osaka Garden for a while and you could experience the calm which soothes your mind and soul.  It even has a number of artifacts which are truly magnificent.
·        Balloon ride – For a truly romantic experience, try out the balloon ride of Chicago with your beloved.  Hot air ballooning is an exotic experience which Chicago offers to its tourists.  Ride high about the skyline of this great city and get beautiful picture perfect snaps to cherish for a long time.  The sunset views seen from this ride are an experience no tourist can afford to lose.  This tour is available at the Norge ski jump site.
·        Hancock Observatory – The Hancock observatory is an open-air skywalk on the 94th floor of the John Hancock building which is situated near the Magnificent Mile.  Here you can have a 360-degree uninterrupted view of the city of Chicago along with a telescope narration of 16 of the best attractions the city has to offer.  A truly stunning tourist spot to experience.  After the tour, don’t forget to visit the ‘cheesecake factory’ located at the lower level of the building.
·        The Buckingham Fountain – Another romantic sight to visit is the Buckingham Fountain, the most spectacular tourist attraction in Chicago. Opened in 1927, this fountain is one of the largest in the world with a capacity of 1.5 million gallons of water, 134 water jets and 820 lights.  The splendid display of light shows in the evening is a major attraction among the tourists.  Just sit and experience the beauty of this place.
·        Latvian Folk Art Museum – If you are into arts and culture, this museum showcases the life and culture of the Latvian style of living.  It has an array of Latvian clothing and toys that are traditionally been used in Latvia.  It also has some very good Latvian ceramics.
·        Adler Planetarium – Founded by Max Adler, this planetarium and astronomy museum is the first planetarium in US of A.  It has two theaters – The  Sky Theater and the Star Rider Theater.  Along with these, there is the Astronomy museum which has a unique collection of astronomy instruments.  The Dane observatory has a huge telescope with a 20 inch mirror, which is the largest in Chicago area.

Along with these attractions, if you are an art lover, there are the Chicago Art Institute and the Museum of Contemporary Art which consists of very good art collections.  Then there is the Shedd Aquarium which houses a large variety of Marine Life and is one of the largest Aquariums of the world.

Some Romantic places that can be visited along with the above activities are –
·        Ferris Wheel, Navy pier which is the best spot to enjoy an evening on the waterfront, enjoying the lake views and having dinner at the nearby restaurants.  If you are lucky, you can see some really good fireworks in the summer season.
·        The Signature Lounge, on the 96th floor of the John Hancock Center offers a night view of the city which is one of the most stunning experiences, with you along with your partner sharing a dinner and champagne.
·        Then there are the Horse-drawn carriage Tour of Chicago where you can sit besides your beloved and take a Romantic trip of this city in a very cozy atmosphere.
·        The Appollo theatre is the best option if you are into plays and theaters. 

Staying in Chicago offers various options to make your Romantic Gateway Chicago a memorable one.  It has rooms for all budgets and accommodation is always easy to find in various hotels and small Inns. 

Experience Chicago once and you will come back again !!!